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say JES

Joy - Earth - Spirituality

to a heartfelt journey that your purest self desires

say JES to LIFE!

Is there something you are seeking for?

Something that you can't quite put into words? 

Maybe there is more to live for, more to life than what you have discovered and experienced so far? 

Perhaps you are trying to fill the void in your heart, to put an end to your fatigue, and the feeling of heaviness.

That might be your feelings only a fraction of the time.

But that's not all. 

Sometimes you might also experience a lot of gratitude, love for life, and joy?

And maybe you just want to know how to leverage your joy, how to connect deeply to your inner fire, to nature, and the truth?

Maybe you feel the desire to fully live up to your soul's purpose, but you cannot yet express it clearly?

If you are ready to leverage your energy, to live more joyfully, more connected, and with the feeling of purpose –,

If you are willing to put in the effort to discover your inner fire, your truth –,

I invite you to say JES to a journey that your purest heart desires – to say JES to LIFE! 

What can you expect from working with me?

Experiences may include:


  • More Energy

  • More joy in your daily life

  • More focus

  • Better Sleep

  • Clarity

  • More Self-Confidence


  • Deepened connection to Mother Earth & Nature

  • Nature Knowledge

  • Basic Wilderness Skills

  • Basic Foraging & Wilderness Cooking 


  • Stronger connection to yourself & your truth

  • Greater Self-Love

  • A more purpose-driven life

  • A better understanding of recurring patterns

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Wholistic Life & Soul Guidance




Shamanic Transformational Work


Earthly Adventures



all about Joy, Earth, and Spirituality

say JES [pron. seɪ jɛs] is dedicated to support you in your own journey to discover your inner fire and true self, and make the world a better place. 

Together we work on developing a sustainable and fun lifestyle to live a healthy and vibrant life full of joy, purpose, and a deep connection to mother earth.

It is our mission to create a network of loving people and together get back to the roots to have a better understanding of nature. 

To achieve this way of being, we, at say JES, work with Intuitive Wholistic Life & Soul Guidance, Wholistic Field Awareness, Ceremonies, Shamanic Practices, and Adventures in Nature.

What makes say JES special?

We highly value customer care and quality in every area. With high expertise and individually tailored products, you can be certain to be offered solely the best of the best.

That's how we can spread joy and create a loving environment.

Holistic Health

We are all about Holistic Health.
That means looking at all areas of life, and supporting our clients with Holistic Methods.


Intimacy & Comfort

Personal Connections is an important value at say JES. That's why we keep groups to a small number of people.

We also highly value our client's privacy and safety to create a safe and trusted space for all participants.

Nature Awareness

We prioritize the connection to nature on all levels. 

Sustaibability and Respect towards our ecosystems, and you. 


We prioritise our client's safety and quality of our services.


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All we do comes from our soul and heart. There is no need to hide or pretend.

The same goes for our clients. Come as you are. 

You are imperfectly perfect.

Online & Offline

There are no limitations regarding location. All our online services are also available offline.

Options may vary.

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