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say JES

to Yourself


Are you feeling overwhelmed? ​

Are you feeling stuck in life? 

Do you lack energy, and have a hard time finding inspiration and motivation? 

Are you having so many ideas that you don't know where to start? 

There are so many levels and fields in life we have the privilege to discover.

Body and Mind are the ones people talk most about.
But then there are also other ones, the soul or spirit, subtle energy fields like the morphic and electromagnetic field, the emotional body, as well as various levels within our physical appearance. 

There are different timelines, realms, and dimensions. 

And essentially, what we all are seeking for, is awareness and balance of all of those fields. 

It's a continuous expansion of your consciousness.

Often, it is easier and more comfortable to have somebody on your side to help you with imbalances in body, mind, spirit or environment and have your back in uncomfortable situations. Someone who sees value in you and cheers you on. 

That's what I am here for. To accompany and guide you in and through beautiful, interesting, intense, difficult, and transformational times.

Let's jump into the adventure and create your perfect life!*

Holistic Approach

Everything is welcome. We'll look at all areas of your life to make sure to establish a sustainable and energizing lifestyle for your exact needs.

Intimacy & Comfort

Personal Connections is an important value at say JES. That's why we keep groups to a small number of people.

We also highly value our client's privacy and safety to create a safe and trusted space for all participants.

Simple Shifts

Change is a challenge. That's why we incorporate simple shifts that are easy to follow and make a noticable difference. 

Simple shifts that last a lifetime.


We prioritise our client's safety and quality of our services.


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Joyful Living

  • More Energy

  • More Self-Confidence

  • Deeper Self-Awareness

  • Know Your Needs

  • Feeling of Belonging

Online & Offline

There are no limitations regarding location. All our online services are also available offline.

Options may vary.

*As integrative health coach, wholistic life & soul guide, and shaman I do not diagnose or cure illnesses and diseases.

I am simply here to guide and accompany you to find your inner fire, reach your goals, and give you tools you can use to give your body and mind the chance to heal itself by itself. 

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