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to Joy, Earth and Spirituality



all about Joy, Earth and Spirituality

say JES is a small business, dedicated to make the world a better place and help people develop a sustainable lifestyle to live a healthy and fantastic life full of joy, purpose and a deep connection to mother earth.

Methods we use at say JES, to achieve this way of being, include transformational and performance coaching, workshops, adventures in nature and shamanic practices.

We highly value customer care and quality in every area. With high expertise and individually tailored products, you can be certain to be offered solely the best of the best.

That's how we can spread joy and create a loving environment.

The seed of say JES was planted in 2019, when I was studying to be a professional wilderness guide in Finland. It was my desire to create a product and brand, which combines all my passions and areas of expertise. 

Music, Nature, Health, Nutrition and Spirituality.

As I saw, and still see, a tight connection between those aspects, I also started deepening my knowledge in nutrition and health even more, earned an official certification as Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and finally made my dream come true. I launched say JES in 2020. 

With Gratitude,

Jana Elisabeth Schett

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