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to the worlds best treat




They are zany.

Cacao is considered the food of the gods.

For many reasons.

Cacao trees are very tough trees, which can stand for vitality.

Chocolate is an amazing delivery system. Used for thousands of years.

Cacao is extremely nutrient dense.

So is chocolate – if prepared right and raw!

That and much more you will learn in this workshop.

So don't miss it.

Get ready to make the worlds best treat – your very own raw chocolate treat!

About the workshop: 

Group sizes are small, so best possible experience is certain.

I recommend to bring pen and paper to take notes of all the chocolate and cacao stories you are going to hear. 

Duration is approximately 2h, but can and might be extended if needed.

As the workshops are held online for now, I offer to send out starter kits with all ingredients needed. To receive the package in time, there is a booking deadline of two weeks prior the workshop date.

Indeed, it might be that you already have all the ingredients at home. Then you can just book anytime!

There are two booking options:

  1. Book a scheduled workshop here.

  2. Contact me to request a private event! (min. 2 persons)


  1. €33,- (excl. starter kit)

  2. €48,80 (incl. starter kit - please note, that this package has to be booked latest two weeks prior the selected workshop date)

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