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Jana Elisabeth Schett

I feel the call to inspire and help others to live a life full of joy, connection and love. 

After graduating from high-school in Salzburg, I somehow ended up as an au-pair in southern Finland, fell in love with the country and since then always found my way back to the land of the thousand lakes. (Closely connected to the element of water, in any form ;-))

I am a passionate musician and love to mesmerise my audience with the sweet music coming from my flutes. 

As I deeply enjoy the connection to nature and adventures of any kind and want to pass on that knowledge and feeling, I spent ten months in school to become a professional wilderness guide. To always stay connected and even deepen the connection to nature, I regularly practice shamanic traditions.

And to soothe my thirst for more knowledge in health and nutrition I am currently studying integrative nutrition and holistic health.

Certifications and Credentials:

International Wilderness Guide (TREDU – Tampere, Finland)

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (Institute for Integrative Nutrition – New York, US)

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