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to Peak Performance


In this program we will, together, totally boost your performance. If you are looking for balance in your rather busy life and also balance within yourself, to really peak at what you are doing, this is precisely what you need.

The next months are packed with tips and simple shifts you can incorporate into you everyday lifestyle. All the information and resources are time efficient, so there are no excuses to not keep up.

This is your life, you are doing it for you! 

Program outline: 

You can choose between a 90-Day or 6-Month Program. Essentially they are identical. It is only that the shorter one is more intense, as the same content has to be covered in a much shorter amount of time.

The program is built on a three-phase concept.

Phase 1: Preparation 

Phase 2: Acceleration

Phase 3: Harvest & Renewal

Every two weeks we are having a one-on-one session (online or in person). Please set aside 90 minutes of your time to get the most out of it. 

One session consists of two parts – a coaching part and a meditation/energy healing part.

Between the meetings, you receive small videos (max 10 minutes of length), handouts, meditations and PDF's with deeper information and simple shifts.  

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