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Give your loved ones and friends a gift they will not forget! 

A Gift Card for the great Chocolate & Cacao Workshop.

Give them the opportunity to learn how to make their own raw, healthy and delicious chocolate!


Check out the workshop information here.


You can choose between two options:

  1. Workshop Participation plus Starter Kit
  2. Workshop Participation only


The Starter Kit contains high quality products:

Raw Cacao Butter

Raw Cacao Powder

Selection of superfoods




When you order this product, you have the option to customize the gift card. 

You can include a name or nickname, a quote or anything you wish. 

After completing the order you'll receive an email with your ordered and optionally customized gift card(s). 

In any case, every card contains a unique code the gift card holder has to use at the booking checkout.

If you are ordering more than one gift card, and want  to customise them all, seperate the text with numbers or bullet points.

For shipping the Starter Kit, let us know - in the field below - where and who to send it to!


Please give us some time for processing the order and creating the unique gift card.

Should it be a very urgent matter, you can tell us in the box below!

Gift Card – Chocolate & Cacao Workshop

PriceFrom €33.00
VAT Included |
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