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to a spiritual and informational experience in pure nature


With a small group we spend three days in the forest, deeply focusing on nature, nutrition and spirituality. 

While making fire to warm up, cook delicious, nutritious and healthy food, and connect with the fire spirits, you will learn exclusive information about different aspects of our dear mother earth. To deepen that newly gained knowledge, I will guide you through various fun and eyeopening practical exercises and rituals. 


In order to learn more about the experience, keep on reading!

  • Overview of the program: 

Late afternoon we start the first day with some activities to connect. Connect to nature, yourself and with others in the group. Fire needs to be made for food and as preparation for the evening program – a shamanic ritual to jump right into a higher realm of being. 

The second day is mostly dedicated to food and nutrition, but of course the other aspects are included as well. Depending on the season we are going to forage different wild foods and include them in the meals throughout the day. All meals are prepared together outside by the fire and there will be a lot of nutritional information. Before getting a good nights sleep, there is another ceremony to thank all the nature spirits and end the day right. 

Final day. Taking it easy, observing, letting go. We practice stillness, connection and unity, go for a dip in the cold water and just breathe. Incorporating shamanic practices, mindfulness and excellent food – nourishing our bodies on all levels. To round up the whole experience, we have some time to share insights and celebrate the past days with one last ritual together. 

  • As accommodation is not included, it is up to you if you want to sleep outdoors in a tent/shelter or in the close by lodge! Contact me for more information and help.

  • There are two options for booking this experience: 

1. You can book online and choose one of the available dates and join a group of people (max 10 persons). 

2. Contact me directly to request a private event! (2-10 persons)

Contact me
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